Application & Procedures

Please ensure you have read our Guidelines and Priorities first.

Application Procedures:

An organization wishing to apply for a grant must fully complete and submit a Pre-Application Summary (SF-1) to the Foundation no later than the Pre-Application due date of April 30 for the spring cycle or October 31 for the fall cycle. You are encouraged to include a cover letter and any other materials or information that you believe will assist the Foundation in evaluating your request. Please mail five complete sets of all preliminary application materials (i.e., cover letter, Pre-Application Summary (SF-1), and any support materials) to the Foundation.

The Foundation will review the Pre-Application Summary and notify the organization within approximately 30 days of the application deadline if a full application is requested and the due date by which it must be submitted.

A "full application" will be complete when one copy of the appropriate Standard Forms and additional documents indicated on the Standard Form Checklist are completed and submitted to the Foundation by the full application due date.  Note that the list of required forms differs depending on the purpose of the grant request.

Upon receiving a full application, the Foundation will conduct a full application review which may include an applicant interview, a site visit, and/or a request for additional information.

Information submitted to the Foundation must be accurate and complete in all respects.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the results of their application in late June for the spring cycle applications and late December for the fall application cycle.

Grant Confirmation and Follow-Up:

Within ninety (90) days following the completion of any program funded by a grant from the Foundation, but in no event one (1) year from your organization’s receipt of a grant from the Foundation, the recipient organization must report to the Foundation confirming the use of the grant funds in accordance with the application for which the grant was awarded and advising the status of the outcomes from the use of grant funds.

The organization must report any variances or unanticipated results from the use of the grant funds.

The Foundation may conduct site visits at any time prior, during or after use of the grant funds to observe operational and project activities and to interview staff, volunteers or clients affected by the grant.

The organization must respond to any requests for information from the Foundation for historical or trend analysis, subject to any client privacy issue that may occur.

Application Downloads

Applications should be returned to:

Marcus Lopez
Executive Director
James B. and Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation
5106 Knickerbocker Road
San Angelo, TX  76904
Phone:  325-942-7642
Fax:  800-398-9201